This is a list of the equipment we trialled in the process of controlling the hazards associated with painting.

Matrix Stopper

The Ladder M8rix™

Made from durable moulded Polypropylene, the safety device consists of a two stainless steel plates secured by galvanised topping screws. The fine metal grips situated on both sides of the Ladder M8rix™ hold the ladder feet in place, whilst preventing any slippage on the ground surface.

Rojak Stopper

The Rojak Ladder stopper

The stopper may be expected to improve considerably the limits of stability of a ladder well beyond that required for normal use. It is regarded as being stable at inclinations of 3/1 and above even with loose dry surfaces.



Laddersmart is a quality ladder safety device that is fitted into the gutter from the ground using a telescopic pole. The ladder is then placed against the device and is effectively locked into place. The Laddersmart device prevents sideways and backwards movement of the ladder assisting in preventing ladder accidents and also protects the gutter from damage caused by ladders leaning directly against it.

Void Platform 2

Stairwell platform system

 To prevent the falls into stairwells of painters,and other operatives, etc, whilst maintaining full access for the operatives and materials up and down stairway - or ladder before staircase is fitted.