How do we streamline incident/injury notification?

This questions is best answered under the claims process guidelines on the WorkSafe website.

Can employees claim on WorkCover if they aggravate an injury that occurred with a previous employer? and How is responsibility for claims determined when employees have more than one employer?

This questions is best answered in the online claims manual (6.5 Further or continuing injuries) on the WorkSafe website.

How do I report and manage an incident that is likely to become a claim?

Incidents that do not incur expenses or lost time do not require a Claim to be raised.

Once expenses are claimed or wages are to be paid a claim needs to be lodged with the Authorized Agent/Insurer.

Note that these costs do not impact on future premiums until the threshold levels of medical and like costs or the first 10 days wages are exceeded. From this point the Insurer will cover these costs rather than the employer. These ongoing costs are then considered by the Insurer for future premium calculations.

The process for managing a claim is best described under reporting an injury on the WorkSafe website.

What can we do if we dispute a claim for Workers Compensation?

The process for resolving a dispute over a claim for Workers Compensation is best explained on the WorkSafe Website.

Do I need to take out a Workers Compensation Policy?
If you engage workers or contractors deemed to be workers and you pay, or expect to pay, more than $7,500 a year in rateable remuneration or if you engage apprentices or trainees, you must take out a WorkSafe Injury Insurance policy. More information on this is available on the WorkSafe website.
What incidents should I report?

A reportable incident is one that may give rise to a future claim. You must notify your employer of any injury or disease which has been contributed to by work within 30 days of you becoming aware of it. If you do not, you may not be entitled to compensation.